Our wax products are all pet friendly and 100% vegan! 🐶

Ensuring the safety of your pets is a top priority for us. Our wax is crafted with a non-toxic formula, and we collaborate with our fragrance manufacturing partners who share our pet friendly commitment to exclude any chemicals in our oils that could potentially harm animals.

It’s important to note that we deliberately avoid the use of essential oils in our products, as these are known to pose risks to pets and should be totally avoided in a pet-friendly household.

Our commitment to pet safety extends not only to your homes but also to our daily work environment. As a pet-friendly workplace, we encourage our staff to bring their furry companions to the office.

One of our regular office dogs, Misty
One of our regular office dogs, Misty

We’re also very proud that all our fragrance oils and proprietary wax blend contain zero animal ingredients. A large number of companies which promote soy wax as vegan-friendly actually contain stearic acid, which is used to stabilise soy melts and candles. Stearic acid is predominately sourced from animal fat, and is rarely declared in their list of ingredients. Classic Candle never uses these animal by-products and is truly 100% vegan! 💚

Like many household products, we recommend storing our candles and melts in a secure place when not in use and never leaving them unattended whilst burning. While our fragrances may be enticing and smell good enough to eat, they most certainly should not be, and we emphasize that they are strictly for enjoyment through the nose! 😊

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