All our products are hand poured in the heart of Suffolk

With ultra-premium fragrances to fill the room, décor neutral white wax which provides the brightest light, we’re very proud of our beautiful home fragrance products.

We now hand pour every candle in the heart of Suffolk*, ensuring absolute care and attention to all our products.

We put love, care and years of experience into our products, and we’re sure you’ll love them too!

Just looking to sample a fragrance, or only have a small space? Our 12-hour MiniLights are just what you need.

Great for gifting, perfect for unwinding in the bath, and a great travel companion to bring a bit of home comfort when you’re away. And with a wide wax pool for an amazing fragrance release, you’ll be amazed at how strong these popular little candles are!

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Wax melts are the perfect way to fill your room with our amazing, true-to-life fragrances.

Available in 6-block packs for easy use, and why not mix two of your favourite fragrances together to create your own bespoke fragrance blend.  Try mixing our Classic Coffee with our Chocolate Brownie for an indulgent mocha fragrance experience.

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Beautiful, bright white candles for every décor.

* Our candles used to be manufactured in the USA, with the advent of Brexit, and then the lockdowns of Covid, we shipped the actual machinery used to pour our candles in the USA to our warehouse facilities in the UK, after hours of training, chandlers that had years of experience, and test, test, test, we now produce hand poured top quality Classic Candles in the heart of Suffolk. All of the raw materials are still shipped from the USA, and every fragrance formulation is the same exacting quality we have always demanded. Some USA stock still remains, please email prior to ordering if you specifically require UK or USA stock.