What are our new MiniPots?

Our full of fragrance mighty new MiniPot Wax Melt may be small, but it certainly is not short of a powerful fragrance punch.

Using our same signature wax and high quality fragrance mix as our large wax melts, our new MiniPot Wax Melts are great for trying new fragrances.

Our new MiniPot is available in 140 fragrances – including 18 ‘Inspired by’ fragrances which are our versions of well-known perfumes, aftershaves and laundry products.

From Ice Fairy, which is a perfect match for a high street bath bomb favourite, to Celestial, which is just like an Alien perfume – it’s out of this world! Sleep well to Bedtime Baby, and enjoy a Duvet Day with that familiar soap fragrance.

Come and explore why our wax fragrances have won the hearts of thousands of customers.
With over 140 different MiniPot fragrances to choose from, and more to be added every month, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your home.

100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy with any of our products, just email us for a refund or replacement.