Discover 9 Exciting New Wax Melts!

New August Fragrances

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a burst of excitement – 9 brand-new fragrances have just landed in our MiniPot Wax Melts collection! These little powerhouses of aroma are not only super fragrant but also come in the perfect sample size, giving you a taste of room-filling bliss at an unbeatable value. Ready to dive in? Simply pop the wax melts into your favorite burner, and let the enchantment begin.

Oh, the joy of launching new fragrances! It’s like a mini scent adventure right here in our office. With each release, we’re all like kids in a candy store – discovering new favourites and filling every nook with delightful scents. From the packing room, to the staff room, the kitchen and the bathroom… we light a burner with a wax melt in each and our day turns into a fragrant journey as we enjoy these MiniPots in every nook and cranny of our workshop.

These latest arrivals are a treat for everyone. We’ve got everything from fantastic dupes to delectable foodie fragrances and even a sprinkle of fantasy. So, whether you’re after a familiar aroma or an exciting new olfactory escapade, our new fragrances have you covered. Let the scents take you on a captivating journey

New August Fragrances

Olympia is a harmonious fusion of fresh floral notes, sensual salted vanilla, and delicate ambergris create an intoxicating allure. It’s part of our ‘Inspired By’ range, which are our versions of popular colognes, washing & fabric conditional scents.

One Million combines a delightful bouquet of delicate flowers, sweet fruits, and warm spices, creating a mesmerizing and enchanting allure. One Million exudes femininity, elegance, and a touch of daring sensuality.

Invictus is an invigorating fragrance is a true embodiment of victorious masculinity. The dynamic fusion of fresh marine notes, zesty citrus, and aromatic spices creates an energizing and captivating aroma.

Pear Drops is a delightful concoction inspired by the beloved sweet. This scent combines juicy pear nectar with a touch of tangy citrus, creating a sugary sweetness that evokes childhood memories. The aroma fills the air with nostalgia, whimsy, and the irresistible allure of your favorite pear drop treats.

Experience a blissful escape to a tropical paradise with Blush Sands. This enchanting fragrance captures the essence of an exotic beach getaway. The scent unveils a perfect blend of bright citrus, sweet florals, and soft vanilla, creating a captivating and inviting aroma.

Rhubarb and Custard combines the tartness of fresh rhubarb with the creamy sweetness of custard. The scent conjures delightful memories of enjoying the beloved sweets, filling your space with a mouthwatering blend of fruity and comforting notes. Embrace the nostalgia and sweet indulgence of rhubarb and custard delights.

Purple Rain is refreshing fruity citrus scent with top notes of lime, lemon and triple sec with middle notes of cranberry and Cointreau and a base of sweet sugar.

Embrace carefree vibes with the “Butt Naked” scent. A fun and fruity fusion of tropical fruits, sweet coconut, and hints of vanilla. This aroma whisks you away to a sun-drenched beach, invoking feelings of joy, relaxation, and the uninhibited spirit of a carefree beach holiday.

Experience the essence of timeless luxury with the Italian Leather scent. A captivating blend of supple leather, warm amber, and subtle spices evokes the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship. This aroma envelops your space in a sense of opulence, refinement, and the allure of fine leather goods.

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